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About Gerard

Gerard M. Foley at Engabreen Glacier, Norway

Gerard M. Foley was an avid photographer and fan of all things rail and plane.

In his professional life, Gerry worked as a Research Engineer for various industrial companies such as Batelle and Leads & Northrup. Among other inventions, he developed various measurement instruments such as optical pyrometers.

After retiring Gerry had the luck of good health till 92, which when not spending time with family (or at the same time) he used to travel. Photography, especially after acquiring some excellent digital cameras was a must on these trips.

About Collection

My grandfather Gerard M. Foley had a passion for many things, but among them were astronomy and photography.  You may know Gerard as family, as friend, or from his photographs or other online activities.

This collection is just the tip of the photo iceberg, the entire collection is avaiable on flickr under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

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