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Return To Cairo

We flew by Egyptair from Luxor to Cairo. and returned to the hotel in which we had stayed on our arrival in Egypt. We visited the Egyptian Museum with its amazing exhibition of the treasure found in the New Kingdom tomb of King Tutenkhamen in the Valley of the Kings at Luxor. We also toured the Citadel and the two great Mosques there, the Bazaar and a Coptic Church, said to be the oldest Christian church in the world.

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The Eastern Desert between Luxor and Cairo. Either ancient rivers or thousands of years of infrequent rainfall.
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Citadel of Saladin (who defeated the Crusaders)
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The Nile from Zamalek, a district on an island in the Nile in Cairo
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A Nile Fisherman
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Entrance to the Great Mosque
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In the Great Mosque
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Lustration Bath in the Great Mosque
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The entrance to the Coptic Church. Photography was not permitted inside the church.
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Cairo Bazaar
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The Safir Hotel in Zamalek
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A street in Zamalek
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Another street in Zamalek
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More of Zamalek
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The Pyramids at Giza
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Last sight of Egypt. The coast west of Alexandria